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Webfaction Limited Review

A quick review of Webfaction hosting

UPDATE: Since writing this review, I have set up two accounts with Webfaction. Check out my latest review.

I've seen a lot of recommendations for Webfaction for new Django developers who want an easy to use hosting solution. As you can see from previous posts that I have a VPS that I've set up Django on. I was having problems getting one of my applications to work, and I wondered if it was because of my setup. So I decided to try out Webfaction. After all, they offered a 60-day money-back guarantee. So I signed up and set up my account. I must admit it was much easier to set up than my VPS, plus I could choose to use Python 2.5 (which was never really able to get working on my server setup) and you can use mod_python or WSGI. I was quite impressed with their setup options and the ease of setup. It turns out there there was a problem in my code because I ended up getting the same error on their servers as I did mine. I was just confused because it was working on my windows development machine, by not my Linux servers.

So having lost the need for Webfaction, I decided to exercise their money-back guarantee. I think this was the best part of the process. I sent them an email. The responded quickly telling me how to cancel the account from the control panel. I think within a half hour I had the money back in my PayPal account and an email confirmation letting me know and saying thanks for trying their service.

Surely, If I ever need another Django host or if it comes to the point where I need to use the latest version of Python, I will look to Webfaction. If I have a client looking for hosting, I will recommend Webfaction.

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