Q. Who are you?

A. My name is Dustin Davis. I’m a computer nerd. Though programming on the internet has been more of a hobby and extra income, it is a passion and I would someday like to make a six figure income from my various sites and not have to work for somebody. The fact is, I may just be too lazy to do so. I have various ideas, but I tend to work on that which I find fun, rather than profitable, and I get bored with fun profitable projects after a while so I have a hard time seeing project through to profits.

Q. What are your interests?

I like funny stuff. My sense of humor may be a bit dry for most. I love the Atlanta Braves. I’m still a Dale Murphy fan even though he retired years ago. I’ve been a big Chipper Jones fan since his rookie year. Now as he’s getting older I’m becoming more of a Jeff Fracueor fan – even though I was supposed to be #7 for the Braves… 😉 I also like computers and gadgetry. I like peanut butter too.

Q. What’s with the name of your blog?

Well, it actually started as “This Tangled Web.” That was just the first thing that popped in to my head. Then, as a theme slowly developed, I changed it to “Blog goes the Dyanmite!” As you may have noticed from previous posts, I love Napoleon Dynamite. Also, I love Brian Collins painful sportscast and his phrase that rocked the internet “And BOOM goes the Dynamite!”

After have some issues getting my blog on Technorati, I decided to give it a new home on a new domain. Since I am obviously a nerd and a dork, I was happy to find NerdyDork.com available.

Q. This blog is such a hodge podge of information. What is it all about?

Well, I’m a hodge podge kind of a guy. I post funny stuff, rants, raves, techie & programming stuff, notes to self, advertisements so you can go buy stuff and I can make money off you and all that good stuff. Since I’m Mormon, I used to post LDS related topics here, but I moved all those blogs to a new site entitled Latter-day Blog.

Q. Do you have a family?

Heck yes I do. What? Do you think I was just evolved from freakin’ monkees or something? Gosh!

Actually, I did find a beautiful girl to marry me and so far we made the cutest kids in the world. Seriously, I don’t know how they could come any better…

Q. Are these real questions from readers of your blog, or did you make all these questions up yourself?

Uh… the second one.