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Top 8 ng-shirts

My favorite shirts frong ng-conf (AngularJS) ranked.

I love collecting t-shirts at programming conferences. So far I've gotten some good ones at ng-conf. Here are the eight shirts I added to my wardrobe. Counting down to my favorite.

8. CDK Global


These guys were awesome to put a t-shirt in every swag bag so you didn't have to go ask for it. Unfortunately it is my least favorite because it is black. Two words, beard dandruff.

7. ng-conf


This is the shirt everyone got in their swag bad. It is a nice simple design. I like the shirt fabric much better than last year. This year, the shirt is white print on a gray shirt. It's a nice minimalistic design that I like, but I feel like a race car driver with all the logos not the back of the shirt. But hey, thanks to the ng-conf sponsors!

6. Domo (T-Shirt)


A nice soft t-shirt. Gray with Domo logo on the front and Domo careers XML on the back.

5. Capital One Tech


I had the choice of red or blue. I kind of wish I went with red since I have a few other blue shirts. This has a nice simple logo, again with a nice soft fabric.

4. AirPair


This was the only light-colored shirt I saw so it stands out a bit more. Great fabric with two-color print. There was a catch to get this shirt - you had to sign up on their website. But that wasn't a problem because I would have anyway. They have an interesting service where I can get paid to mentor someone on the things I have expertise in. Or, I could find a mentor to help me out with a project.

3. Firebase


Nice soft blue t-shirt. I love that this was designed custom for this event with the year on it. I like the snowflake in the background of the Angular logo - giving it a touch of Salt Lake City. I also got a nice yellow beanie with the Firebase logo.

2. Domo (Soccer shirt)


This has to have been the most expensive shirt being handed out at the conference. Many people would probably put this shirt #1 on the list. But I'm not a soccer fan. Had it been a baseball jersey, easily #1 on this list!

1. Ionic Framework


I got this same shirt last year and I wore it all the time. I love the minimal and interesting logo. Unfortunately I left it in a condo in St. George a few months ago when we took a family trip to hike Zion National Park. I found out about this shirt on twitter and found Mike Hartington and he hooked me up with a new shirt.

Note: There were other t-shirts being handed out of course, but I didn't get one either because I didn't know about it, or it didn't look like something I'd wear (black shirt with colorful bubbles all over it, for example)

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