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Django Color Theme for PyCharm

Django green theme for PyCharm

Since I started writing Django, I've changed editors at least four times. In windows, I started with the TextMate clone, E-text-editor. On mac I would use TextMate. Both can use the django TextMate theme. When I started using Ubuntu, I customized gedit to work like e & TextMate. I even contributed to the gedit django theme.

Now I use PyCharm on every platform. I wasn't able to find a django color theme, so I made my own. You can download it here.

To install, open PyCharm and select File -> Import Settings... and select the file.

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Dustin Davis

Dustin Davis is a software engineer, people manager, hacker, and entreprenuer. He loves to develop systems and automation. He lives with his wife and five kids in Utah.

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Dustin Davis