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I saw this joke online today and I got it right away and thought it was quite humorous: Q: Why do computer geeks confuse Halloween & Christmas? A: 31 OCT = 25 DEC So I rushed off to tell my fellow programmers and they just didn’t get it. I even wrote it down for them. […]

OK, I always figured myself for a nerd, thanks in part to my family continually reminding me of that fact. Hence, I have appropriately named my freelance portal: Nerdlance.com. I never knew I was a Dork though. Some of the questions on this quiz may not be fair. I have perfectly reasonable explainations for all […]

No, Weird Al does not know me! 😉 They see me mowin’ my front lawn I know they’re all thinkin’ I’m so White and nerdy Think I’m just too white and nerdy Think I’m just too white and nerdy Can’t you see I’m white and nerdy Look at me I’m white and nerdy I wanna […]

I find that a lot of people don’t know where to go to start their own website. It is difficult to know because their are so many options. So here is my personal opinion on how to get up and running with your own blog and/or small business website. Domain name There are lots of […]

I’ve been using Aurelia for over a year now. We have been working on a new live event dashboard and scheduler, which some big clients are beta testing now. Yet, I continue to learn new things. Yesterday I learned two little template hacks that I think I will find useful in the future and now, […]

In our home we have an old iMac for the kids to use. They each have their own login. Each login has a parental control that logs them out after one hour. This has been helpful to prevent fights over who has been on too long and limits their screen time. The problem I’ve had […]

My junior year of high school I took a calculus class from the local college extension. I happened to get a nice Casio calculator (circa 1994) that allowed me to write programs. Since I didn’t really have a computer, this was my first experience programming. Each time we learned a new algorithm, I would figure […]

A friend pointed me to this simple yet humorous website yesterday which essentially gives a new lazy coder excuse whenever the page is refreshed. I couldn’t help but whip out a bot to plug in to our IRC channel. My lazy coder bot will give a random excuse whenever someone mentions the word “why”. I […]

I’m not afraid to admit, I’m a visual guy. I like GUI interfaces. Sequel Pro makes it very easy to SSH tunnel into a server and connect to MySQL, but there is nothing I have found built into pgAdmin3 to use SSH tunneling for connections. Luckily I found it is simple enough to do. First, […]

If you are hosting a Django site, Sentry will make your life easier. After my review of various hosting companies I decided to put EnvelopeBudget.com on Webfaction. But, I was still impressed with Digital Ocean so I kept my virtual server. Why not? It’s only $5 per month for full root access! Because all their […]