My new goal is to read one book per month, the do a short review on that book. I got this goal after becoming a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I read his book, Total Money Makeover and loved it. Now I listed to his free podcasts everyday.

One of the books he highly recommends is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley. This book will change the way you look at your next door neighbor, and the way you may think while driving through an upper class neighborhood. This book shows you how the tortoise continually beats the hair in the race to building wealth.

The book does have it’s boring parts and can often read like an owners manual with lots of statistical data. But between all the stats and data the book can be highly motivating to help you save instead of spend. You’ll learn all about PAWS & UAWS and what it means to have a big hat and no cattle.

Without going too much into it, I would say that although dull it is a good read with lots of hard core statistical surprises.