So, who was the best pitcher of all time and why? Okay, this may not be a fair question, but I’d really like to see some opinions on this one. From what I know and what I’ve seen & heard, this would be my top ten list:

  1. Nolan Ryan – Simply the best. Threw 7 no hitters in his career. His last no hitter was at the age of 44! Most strikeouts ever. Fastest pitch ever…
  2. Cy Young – Most wins – 511 wins in 815 starts. Hey, there’s an award given out yearly named after him.
  3. Roger Clemens – Stopped of in Houston on his way to cooperstown to post the lowest ERA in the 2005 season at the age of 43.
  4. John Smoltz – Simply amazing. He’s been there for all 14 consecutive Atlanta Braves division titles. Former Cy Young award winner. Went from starter to un-hittable closer, back to dominant starter again. Most post-season wins of any pitcher (could be broken by Pettite this season)
  5. Greg Maddux – Probably the nerdiest pitcher on the mount. He may not be overpowering, but he knows exactly where he wants to thow each pitch, and that is where he throws it.
  6. Randy Johnson
  7. Bob Gibson
  8. Sandy Koufax
  9. Warren Spahn
  10. Lefty Grove