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Note: Since writing this I have become more comfortable with managing my own servers. The pricing point of DigitalOcean moved me in that direction to be honest. Since writing this, DO has created a referral program that allows you to get a $10 credit when you sign up and I in turn get a referral […]

I’m currently in the process of creating an iPhone app for Inzolo. This requires an API of course. I wanted to take advantage of what was currently available for Django and I came across wapi. Time is of the essence so I decided to take the easiest route and use basic authentication for now. (I’m […]

James Bennett addresses one of the most frequently asked questions in Django – “How do I write a standalone script which makes use of Django components?” That is what I needed to do. I’m still learning Python so I wasn’t sure why the methods he described in his article didn’t work for me. (OK, I […]

I was reading The Joel Test and I got to number #2 which says "Can you make a build in one step?" My initial thought was that there aren’t really builds per se in web applications (unless you use ASP.NET). But then I thought, I wonder if I could make publishing my Django application a […]

I was looking at my web stats and noticed I was getting a lot of traffic to my limited review of Webfaction. To recap, I tried out there account then decided to cancel, and they were prompt and friendly at delivering a refund. Since that time, I have set up two Webfaction accounts. When I […]

UPDATE: Since writing this review, I have set up two accounts with Webfaction. Check out my latest review. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for Webfaction for new Django developers who want an easy to use hosting solution. As you can see from previous posts that I have a VPS that I’ve set up Django […]