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TL;DR – After analyzing the current state of Angular 1, Angular 2, React/Redux, Aurelia, Ember & Meteor, I’m using Aurelia for my next project. Since attending ng-conf 2015, and the announcement of Angular 2, I felt 2015 would be the year the internet stood still to wait for Angular 2. It turns out that wasn’t the […]

I was looking at my web stats and noticed I was getting a lot of traffic to my limited review of Webfaction. To recap, I tried out there account then decided to cancel, and they were prompt and friendly at delivering a refund. Since that time, I have set up two Webfaction accounts. When I […]

I would consider myself above average, maybe even an expert when in comes to developing in PHP. I can pretty much accomplish whatever my heart imagines as far as web applications with it. The problem comes when I have to maintain these applications. Therefore I have looked into frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and […]