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In our home we have an old iMac for the kids to use. They each have their own login. Each login has a parental control that logs them out after one hour. This has been helpful to prevent fights over who has been on too long and limits their screen time. The problem I’ve had […]

Even after coding in Python for the past five years I’ve never really considered myself an expert in the language because I find the more I know, the more I know I don’t know. I generally keep my code simple on purpose until I have a good reason to be complex – which for most […]

I have been tasked with updating our real-time revenue stats at Neutron. After spending about a week going though and updating our PHP scripts I finally decided it would be worth my time and sanity to start from scratch with Python. I’m building a Django application that will store revenue stats from different sources, which […]

Even though I’ve heard how wonderful virtualenv & pip are for managing Django development environments, I didn’t think I needed to bother learning it. But one bored day I did. I’m so glad I did. Truth is, it is just as simple and awesome as everyone says it is. And it’s been so helpful with […]

I wrote my first IRC bot recently. It turned out to be a simpler task than I thought it would be. Here’s the back story: At work, our programming team uses an IRC channel for all our internal communication throughout the day. What more would you expect from a bunch of programmers? Recently I’ve been […]

So my QA guy is putting an app through the ringer and presented me with the following error on a page: Caught UnicodeEncodeError while rendering: (‘ascii’, u’Utf8-\u010a\u010e\ufffd”\u0117′, 5, 8, ‘ordinal not in range(128)’) For some reason I thought UTF8 characters Just Worked™ in Django, but that was a bad assumption. The problem came from my […]

I’ve noticed a fairly common pattern arising with mobile and iPhone versions of websites using sub-domains. Clicky is an excellent example of this. They provide an iPhone version of their site at i.getclicky.com and a generic mobile version at m.getclicky.com. I want to create something similar for Inzolo.com. I assumed that Django, with all its […]

James Bennett addresses one of the most frequently asked questions in Django – “How do I write a standalone script which makes use of Django components?” That is what I needed to do. I’m still learning Python so I wasn’t sure why the methods he described in his article didn’t work for me. (OK, I […]

I must admin this is my first attempt at even using JSON. I wanted to produce some data that I could consume with jQuery and I figured JSON was the best format for the job. I found Django has a method for serializing Model query sets easily and it seemed to work just fine. The […]

I ordered a new VPS from LiquidWeb for the purpose of using it to host our company’s new product that I’m currently writing in Django. I have another VPS with LiquidWeb and I highly recommend them! I got Django up and running on my other server with some help of LiquidWeb support. This time I’m […]