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I use the jQuery dialog a lot on the inzolo budget screen. It often contains small forms. After entering the form data it is natural to hit enter and expect it to submit the form. The OK button is set to post the form data via ajax. Thanks to this stackoverflow post I found a […]

I came across a weird bug. It seems that IE is the only browser that has a tendency insists on caching JSON results. I created a little api call that returned a list of users “favorites”. I use jQuery to retrieve this list and make updates to my site. Well apparently IE caches the JSON […]

Since switching from HTML to XHTML, one of the things that kills my HTML Validator most is when I get lazy and put a target="_new" or target="_blank" in an anchor tag. So then I have to go back and fix them and find the old sitepoint article that describes how to fix the problem with […]

I must admin this is my first attempt at even using JSON. I wanted to produce some data that I could consume with jQuery and I figured JSON was the best format for the job. I found Django has a method for serializing Model query sets easily and it seemed to work just fine. The […]