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This morning for whatever reason I was loathing IE. I hadn’t done any development work all weekend so I don’t even know why it was on my mind. In any case I had an epiphany of sorts. Despite being totally proprietary, IE seems to be the most easily exploited browser due to its support of […]

I came across a weird bug. It seems that IE is the only browser that has a tendency insists on caching JSON results. I created a little api call that returned a list of users “favorites”. I use jQuery to retrieve this list and make updates to my site. Well apparently IE caches the JSON […]

After writing my fuel trip calculator, I learned there was a bug in IE. I got it to work but I get getting ‘meters’ is null or not an object or even worse, ‘null’ is null or not an object. I tried everything I could think of in the javascript code to get rid of […]