Switching to ooma

I been a Vonage customer for a long time. Just to give you an idea, when we first ordered it, someone from Qwest tried to call my wife to get us to use their long distance plan at 7 cents per minute. My wife told them we had had unlimited long distance to the US and Canada for $25 per month. That started an argument where the salesperson called my wife a liar and said he/she had never heard of Vonage and no companies were offering unlimited long distance. My how things have changed! I must admit, initially it was rocky and I felt like a VOIP pioneer at the time. Now it seems crazy not to use VOIP if you are paying for high speed internet. I know many competitors have cropped up over the years. I’ve tried a couple and cancelled quickly because of various issues. Well, I finally found something I feel may be worthy enough to get me to drop Vonage. It’s ooma.

Basically with ooma you pay a little more up-front for the hardware, but then you get free phone service for life – or as long as they happen to stay in business. And that is the question isn’t it? How are they going to stay in business by only making money on hardware?

After doing some research it seem the hardware used to be $400. Now it is listed at $249 on their website, but can be found even cheaper on Amazon or NewEgg. Many predicted the company to fail, but they have not. Instead they have changed their model just a bit and offer ooma premier for $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Again, critics will say, who is going to pay for premier when they have the choice of free? Well, I’m the type of person that will pay for premier. It’s a no brainer for me!

For a while I had two phone lines with Vonage. I was basically pulling full price for each line – even though I was using the same hardware and there was nothing extra they had to do other than give the second line and activate it. I was paying close to $70 per month for that second line. With ooma premier I get 2 lines for $12.99 per month (or $8.34/mo. if I pay yearly). See, no brainer!

Plus there are a number of additional features that are just worth paying for with premier. For example, a feature I often use with Vonage is simul-ring with allows me to forward my home phone to my cell phone, or my wife’s cell phone when we are expecting a call and need to go out. This is available only with ooma premier. Also, there is voicemail forwarding. I get all my voicemails in my email inbox. Again, this is a nice feature to have that is only available with premier. So, for me, the switch is obvious, and the cost for the hardware and premier package are definitely worthy of the price. I’m essentially getting twice as much for a quarter of the price!