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Napoleon Dynamite Originally uploaded by niner74. I love those portraits that were hangin on the wall! Now, it seems back in the 80’s when they used to do that kind of stuff, wasn’t the background photo normally looking into space, and the main photo looking at the camera?

HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 29 – Napoleon Dynamite, production Okay, now I’ve seen everything! This is for real – only in Idaho… and yes, Idaho really does exist. I’ve been there myself. I have proof.

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard You gotta love this flippin’ sweet site!

If you are like myself and so many other cult fans of Napoleon Dynamite and you just can’t get enough, you have to check out this clip from Late Night with David Letterman. Napoleon reads the "Top Ten Signs You’re Not the Most Popular Guy in High School". Enjoy!

I was watching a segment of Napoleon Dynamite this morning and something crossed my mind later this afternoon. Do you remember the scene where Napoleon and Pedro are handing out those little keychains to everyone walking into school saying, “vote for Pedro?” Well, my initial thought was that these were all the ones Deb had […]

Q. Who are you? A. My name is Dustin Davis. I’m a computer nerd. Though programming on the internet has been more of a hobby and extra income, it is a passion and I would someday like to make a six figure income from my various sites and not have to work for somebody. The […]

Recently I’ve been on this honesty kick… I’m going through all my software applications I use and either 1. registering them, 2. finding free or cheaper alternatives, or 3. removing them and doing without. The hardest has been doing without photoshop. I can’t afford to buy such an expensive program. So I’ve recently installed GIMP […]

My wife and I finally got to go on a date (without the kids) last weekend. It had been about 3 months. We were going to go see The Brothers Grimm, but Just Like Heaven had just opened and I was curious to see Jon Heder’s (a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite) next performance. I was very pleasantly […]