Over a Year and No Mountain

The MountainIt’s that time of year again. My contract is up on DIRECTV, so I’m preparing to make the switch to Dish Network for some new DVR’s and more channels for the money.

I’m a bit hesitant though. Even though I’m a big fan of satellite television, I’m actually considering Comcast. Why? Well, it’s been over a year, and still the Mountain (mtn) is only available on Comcast. Now, was this some ploy by Comcast to get more subscribers? So what’s a guy to do, be stubborn and say no to the monopoly, or enjoy some BYU & Utah Football?

Decisions… Decisions…

I guess for now, I can do my part by signing online petitions and making my voice heard. I will be sure to tell DIRECTV that the reason I am leaving is because they won’t offer mtn. 😉