When my friend built his own computer, I was quite impressed. I’ve always been computer savvy, but building my own computer seemed over my head. What if I bought all the parts and ended up getting a processors that was not compatible with a motherboard for example. I was sure I could figure it out, but how much time and money would have I have to spend trying.

I was fortunate though. I have a client that I maintained and hosted a website for who came to me asking about computers. He just wanted a cheap one. “Should I just go to Costco and get the one for $500, or would I be sorry for that?” I knew which one he was talking about. It was an eMachines. Now, I don’t hate eMachines. I owned one myself in the past. It was the first computer I was able to afford.

So I had an idea. “Why don’t you give me the $500, and I’ll build you a computer.” I explained that for that money I could possibly get better parts that were not so integrated. That way, he if every needed to upgrade some portion of it, it would be a lot easier. He agreed without hesitation.

My friend told me long ago that he got all his parts at Newegg.com. So that is where I started. They got all the categories laid out so nicely that it would be hard to forget something. I think shopping for parts was the longest part only because there is such a huge selection and so much information for each part. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and learning.

The more I learned, the more I realized there was not that much to learn.

So I did it. I bought all the parts from Newegg. They were all at my doorstep within a few days.

I had the computer put together within an hour or two and then spent some time installing the operating system and updating it.

It was much easier than I though and I even kept $50 for my time. My client was perfectly happy with his PC.

So having confidence, I saved up and built my own computer. I’ve been using it for over a year without any issues (Oh wait, there was a slight issue, I couldn’t use my front audio ports. I fixed it though. I had just not installed the audio drivers, after I did, it has been working fine).

Now, I’m saving up to build my own media center PC.

After the experiences, I can highly recommend Newegg! I’ve never purchased a computer part anywhere else. Newegg rocks!