New Cell Phones Again From

So you may have seen from my previous post that I ordered cell phones for my wife and myself over a year ago. We had a T-mobile family plan. Service & everything else was good, but we didn’t seem to NEED them. So we decided we would cancel our plan and live without for a while.

It turns out we couldn’t have picked a worse month to cancel our plan. We had all sorts of issues, like me transfering jobs, our son getting sick and going from ER to ER… Don’t worry, my son is fine and I got a new job, but it sure would have made things a lot easier to have been able to communicate better during that time.

So we’ve decided once again to get cell phones. Having learned what we like and dislike about our phones, we picked out something cooler! We both got these cool new Sony Ericsson Z520a phones. I read a lot of bad revies that the camera button is really annoying and takes a lot of snapshots when you don’t mean to. I don’t know if they updated the firmware or what, but you have the hold the button down for a while just to get to the camera mode to take snaps, so it really hasn’t been an issue.

Of course, I went to again to order the phones. They made it easy to compare all plans and phone at a glance. Plus, they tend to save you the hassle of shopping around and speaking with annoying sales people!

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