Windows 7 Release Candidate is now available. I’ve been using the beta of Windows 7 quite happily for a couple of months now after frustrating ordeals with Vista. The only problem I’ve had with the beta version of Windows 7 is having Windows Explorer crash 3-5 times a day. It hasn’t been a huge deal because it restarts automatically after about 10 seconds. Still, it is enough to consider getting the RC.

So as I generally do before installing a new OS, I took inventory of my installed applications and began backing up documents to an external HD I recently bought. Files are simple enough to back up and restore, but applications are not so easy. They all have to be reinstalled to work right, then there is the issue of tracking down the license codes I’ve purchased for the commercial software. After compiling my list of applications I use, I’m starting to wonder if I really should install the RC, or just wait for the official release as I will likely have to do this all over again.

So here are my apps I currently have installed in alphabetical order (bold items I have commercial licenses for). Sorry, I’m not going to link to all of them. It would take forever.

Acrobat Reader Essential
Audacity Audio editing tool of choice
avast! Antivirus Free antivirus that keeps the Windows warnings away
Beyond Compare File/Folder compare tool
Bubbles Handy tool I use along with SlimTimer
CCleaner For cleaning up my Windows Machine
Circle Dock Cool new tool I found that is quite handy
Console 2 Better command line tool
Defraggler Better defrag tool
Django Web framework of choice
DVDFab For backing up commonly used (exercise) DVDs for the media center PC
E Favorite Text Editor
Family Search Family history program
ffdshow Good codecs to have
Firefox Default Web Browser
Google Chrome Second Favorite Browser
Google Earth Just too cool not to have
GoToMeeting Online meeting tool we use at work
iTunes To keep my iPhone & iPods synced
Jing Nice free tool for creating quick tutorial videos
jZip Free alternative to WinRAR
Mozy Hasn’t worked yet on Windows 7, will likely use Jungle Disk instead.
MS Office 2007 Word, Excel, etc.
MySpeed Plugin Allows me to speed up online videos to watch them faster
MySQL-Front Another MySQL admin client
pgAdmin PostgreSQL admin client
Photoshop Image editing tool of choice
Picasa 3 Family photo tool of choice
Pidgin Multiple IM client and IRC client
Plink Command line putty for scripting
Printer Driver My sweet brother MFC-885C All in one
Putty SSH client
Python Scripting language
QuickBooks My business accounting software
Safari Yet another browser
Skype Online phone
SmartDraw Tool I use for process mapping
Snagit Another commonly used tools for sending screenshots
SQLite Administrator Just as it says it is
SQLyog Enterprise MySQL admin client
TeamViewer Essential tool as the family IT guy
Thunderbird Email client
TortoiseSVN Subversion client
TweetDeck Twitter client
uTorrent Torrent client
Visual Studio For .NET programming
Windows Live Writer Favorite Blog Editor
Windows Live/MSN Messenger The IM we use at work
Xampp Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. bundle