Million Dollar Baby

A few hours of my life Ill never get back…

I rented this movie based on the praise reviewers here have given it, and recommendations from family.

When it was all said and done, all I could think was That was stupid.

I cant believe people cried. I had no idea what the movie was about, but I found it very predictable nonetheless.

The acting and cinematography was good.

Good thing I had this on DVD so I could turn on the subtitles to understand what Eastwood and Freeman were saying.

So whats up with Frankie and his daughter anyway?

Does WBA boxing really bring in a million dollars for a championship fight?

Was Danger just included in the story for comic relief?

Take Rocky the rags to riches boxing story, Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman giving narration, The Power of One Another Morgan Freeman Boxing themed movie, and any run of the mill depressing, cripple & kill the hero movie, give it a twist (make your hero a chick) and viola, you have Million Dollar Baby.

I dont foresee ever watching this movie again. And I dont foresee anyone finding this review helpful, simply because I didnt like it and everyone else does…