DVD CollectionHave you ever wanted an easy way to keep track of all your DVDs? Sure you can use a text editor or spreadsheet, but there are better ways.

I remember quite a few years back visiting a family and they asked what movie we wanted to watch and gave us a list of all the movies they owned, printed out in little binder. Wow, that was nice and easy! When I say easy, I mean it was easy for me to choose, but I wonder how easy it was for them to maintain.

Well, now it can be easy to do both. At DVD Anthology you can register free and begin creating a list of all the DVD movies you own. Once you have your collection completed, you can print the list out in a number of different formats – alphabetical, by genre, or by rating – all with or without image thumbnails! Hey, why not print off all three and keep them in a binder.

Do you ever loan your DVDs to family and friends? You can even print a check out list so you can know who has what! How cool is that? Now my paranoid grandpa has that list he has always wanted to know who has borrowed his old movies.

Now you can keep your own neatly organized binder to show off to your friends when they come over to watch a movie. You can also keep a list of your absent minded friends & family who have forgotten to return your moves.

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