Join ING Direct and Get $25

Right now, ING Direct is have a “rate sale.” That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the term, but in essence, what they are doing is offering a higher interest rate from now until April 15th on any money you deposit until that time. They normal rate is currently 3.8% which is well above my credit union’s savings account rate (which stands at about 1.2%).

I’ve been a member of ING Direct for over a year. I initially set it up to automatically withdraw $10 each month. The next thing I know I have over $170 and the rates keep going up. They are FDIC insured so you can feel safe putting your money there. It is simply a savings account (although they have ARM mortgages and a CD account which can earn higher rates).

You link your ING Direct account to your current bank account. It takes about 2-3 business days to send and receive money between accounts. I like it because it is just far enough away to to avoid the temptation of spending savings on something trivial, yeat liquid enough to have when I need for real emergencies.

The Winter Save Up Sale! Earn 4.75% APY on new deposits through April 15th. Apply online.

You can join through the link above. Or, if you have $250 to initially deposit, send me an email (or comment on this blog), and I’ll email you a referral link that will allow you to have $25 deposited in your account when you join (and I’ll get a $10 referal commission;)).