imagePart of the joys of being a one man development team (sarcastically speaking) is that I get to be designer, developer, and QA. Recently I had the joy of having working on a bug report that security rules were not working right. When I would test it it worked sometimes. I did find it to be broken, but not as described and I could never quite replicate the brokenness. The bug reports where saying “allow rules” were not working but “deny rules” were working fine. When I would test it “allow rules” worked fine, but “deny rules” were broken. Finally after going through the code I noticed the culprit. Often as I’m developing I’ll write queries inside of SQLyog or MySQL-Front where I can test them. Then I copy/paste them into the code and replace variable where needed. It looks as though in this case I forgot to replace some variables. Oops! So, if you get these kind of bugs where sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, do a quick scan for some hard coded variables!