image So it was labor day. For some reason – likely do to excessive advertising, I think of RC Willey on Labor day. My wife has been wanting a bedroom set. We were planning on ordering from Canopy, but I thought it would be fun to go look at RC Willey and see if they had any sales going on. Big mistake!

So we found a set we liked and decided to order. We were told we could pick it up at the warehouse, way out west, so we drove down to Alpine and borrowed my father-in-law’s truck, since my truck was not registered at the moment (a long crazy story).

Once we get there we were told that the bed frame was on back order and won’t be available until next month. Frustrated and angry, I told them to cancel the order. One the way back I called the salesman (Michael F. Langeland) and asked if he knew that information and didn’t bother telling us just so he could get his commission. He said he wasn’t aware of that. He pulled it up in the computer and said, yeah, the bed is on back-order.

We looked around at other furniture sets and we decided to order the Canopy one we wanted originally, but found that one piece we wanted was also not in stock. So as long as we were going to wait, we figured we would get the RC Willey furniture because it was a little cheaper and we wouldn’t have to put it together. So we called back and said, OK we’ll get this set as long as you deliver it free. We were still mad about wasting all the gas to go pick it up. So that deal was made. In the process of that deal they double billed us.

A few days later my wife is wondering when they are going to arrive with the furniture that was in stock. So she called and learned that no delivery was ever scheduled and now all of the furniture set was on back order. We were really annoyed with our salesman now, so we went in to another store to talk with another salesman (we didn’t want Michael to get any commission at this point) and look around at other furniture sets. We found something we like, but a bit more expensive. So we decided to just cancel our order and save a bit longer. We stood in line and eventually had them cancel our order and fix the double billing problem and return all the money to our account.

So now its two weeks later. We’ve had one charge returned but still have $1100+ that needs to be returned to our account. It shouldn’t take two weeks to get a return right? So I called again to find out what is going on. It turns out they never canceled our order. The question was “so you don’t want your bed?” Uh, no! We were in the store and we canceled that. The response was. “No, you didn’t. Do you want to cancel it now?” Oh, I didn’t huh? Whatever. “YES. CANCEL IT!” Now it can’t just be that easy. She said, “you’ll have to call back at ten o’clock to speak with a cashier to get your money back.” Seriously, it was 9:56!

So I called back and I think I got it taken care of. But something that urks me about the whole process is how everyone seems to treat me like I’M stupid.

“What’s your account number?”

“I don’t know”

“What’s your social security number… You account doesn’t come up with that. What do you need?”

I need my money back. Then I swear, I’ll never BOTHER you people again!