In the winter, the air can get very dry. I don’t know if it is true in various parts of the country, but it is certainly true here in Utah, where the climate is very dry as it is. This will often lead to extra dry skin and lips, and sore throats. But funny enough, what I hate most is all the static that builds up when I take off my clothes at night! Being the hairy man I am, It seems like I’m in the midst of an electrical storm when I take off a t-shirt!I’ve found a way to sooth the effects of the dry air. It’s simple enough. I use a humidifier. My wife prefers the hot air humidifier, and I prefer the cold. We used to argue about it often, then I asked my doctor and he said they essentially do the same thing and it doesn’t really matter which you use. If you don’t know of the different types of humidifiers available, I suggest checking out the complete guide to buying a house humidifier.

If your as cheap as I am, just buy the cheapest model at Wal-Mart, the plan on replacing it every year or so. One day, I think I will have one built in to our central air, which I hear is really nice.

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