I was recently asked how many domain names I owned. I actually had to go count them all. The results were sort of scary! Well, here is the count:

12 at GoDaddy
29 at Hostway
24 at 1&1
— Total —

Definitely too many. I guess I can’t say I completely own. There are a few that I registered for others and I simply maintain. There are a number that aren’t really used at all, but most of them are used in some way or another.

What are my most popular?

Probably Shilbon.com (PR5), Nerdlance.com (PR4), LatterdayBlog.com (PR4), LDSPDA.com (PR3), & DVDAnthology.com (PR3). I have few other PR3 sites, but they are pretty niche and don’t get many hits.

My very first domain purchase was Davisvillage.com, followed by UnionHigh.com I believe. From there domains got cheaper and putting up adsense any of them could basically pay for the yearly renewals.

Now’s your turn. How many domains do you own?