How Many Domain Names Do You Own?

I was recently asked how many domain names I owned. I actually had to go count them all. The results were sort of scary! Well, here is the count:

12 at GoDaddy
29 at Hostway
24 at 1&1
— Total —

Definitely too many. I guess I can’t say I completely own. There are a few that I registered for others and I simply maintain. There are a number that aren’t really used at all, but most of them are used in some way or another.

What are my most popular?

Probably (PR5), (PR4), (PR4), (PR3), & (PR3). I have few other PR3 sites, but they are pretty niche and don’t get many hits.

My very first domain purchase was, followed by I believe. From there domains got cheaper and putting up adsense any of them could basically pay for the yearly renewals.

Now’s your turn. How many domains do you own?