I’ve been using Gmail as my main email client for about the past 4 years or so. I currently have Thunderbird set up with SMTP to use for certain situations – mainly when I want to copy and past images in – like showing screenshots to people. (I still prefer the speed of the web app – and being able to make it look like an app with Google Chrome/Google Gears is just that much sweeter)

Today I noticed something really cool. I got an email request from a client for updates to his website. I was composing a reply in Thunderbird with screenshots and all. In the process, I had a Gmail client open (in Google Chrome) and I was reading his initial email again to make sure there wasn’t something I missed.

At the bottom of the screen it said there was a new message with a link to update the conversation. I’ve seen this before on rare occassions. I figured he had sent me a follow up email. When I clicked the update link I saw the draft of the message I was composing in Thunderbird – screenshots and all. How cool is that?

Ok, maybe I’m over dramatic. But I thought it was neato!

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