Use You Developing Skills To Earn And Learn

Looking to earn some extra money? Are you wanting to develop your computer or writing skills, but lacking ideas? Then read on to find out exactly how to do both at the same time! is a new feature rich web site that allows entrepreneurs and businesses create projects that they need help with completing. This is where you come in. There are many professionals competing to get these projects. Often, professions demand more money for their services and struggling businesses and entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice a little time in order to save some money.

You can browse projects in various categories that match your skill set and interests. Here are five simple tips to make the most of your project bidding.

  1. Start with charity work. By this I mean bid low – work cheap for a few projects. This will give you some experience in doing the work and allow you to get some customer ratings. Like eBay, uses a rating system. You’d be surprised at the confidence boost a project owner will get if he sees you have successfully completed projects in the past.
  2. Be honest with your bids. Don’t claim to be something you are not. If it’s going to take you a couple months to get something done, be upfront and explain that. If you don’t have the experience to complete a project, say so. Instead you can explain that you are bidding lower so that you can get the experience. Honesty can only reward you greater feedback and more projects.
  3. Speak to the project owner. Read the project description thoroughly and describe how you can solve the problem or create the desired solution. Don’t paste generic bids such as “We are a software group base in …” These bids don’t normally get read beyond those ellipsis.
  4. Create a portfolio. As you complete projects. Create an online portfolio to showcase your work. You can link to this portfolio whenever you submit a bid.
  5. Share projects with others. You may not have the skills or interest to complete a certain project, but you may know someone who does. has an affiliate program. Encourage your friends and acquaintances to use your affiliate ID to sign up and you can earn 50% commission on any fees that they pay for life!

Go get started today. Sign up and to make extra money and develop your skills.