You can now go rant and rave about your favorite team and have a chance to win some tickets to their next game at GoTeamsGo Sports Forum.

Here are the details of the contest:

$300 Ticket Contest
Pick the Score and Win Tickets
We’re having a pick-the-score & pick-the-winner contest. Chat with sports fans and place your picks on football and baseball games. Also pick the Nextel Cup race winners.

$300 in Free Tickets
We’re giving away $300 in tickets. We’ve partnered with and for the prizes.

How to Play
1) Goto our forum for any of the NFL teams, any listed NCAA football teams, any MLB team, or the NASCAR forum.
2) Find the thread for the next upcoming game or Nextel Cup race. If it’s a game where both teams have a forum, the game prediction thread will be in the home team’s forum.
3) Post your prediction. Tell us who will win plus the exact score. For NASCAR, pick the top 2 finishers in order.
4) If your prediction is correct, come back after the game and let us know about your correct pick in the Correct Picks Thread thread.

5) If we have more than 1 person get a correct pick, we’ll pull 2 correct picker’s names at random. Name with more posts for Oct 18-23 will get 1st prize, other name will get 2nd prize. So you’re more likely to win 1st place if you chat alot with the other sports fans here at GoTeamsGo.

Contest Dates
The contest begins October 3 and ends at midnight on October 23, 2006. We’ll count posts made from Oct 18-23 in deciding 1st prize and 2nd prize between the 2 winners.

Now I’d just like to see a forum there dedicated to the Mountain West. They are talking BYU though!