This morning for whatever reason I was loathing IE. I hadn’t done any development work all weekend so I don’t even know why it was on my mind. In any case I had an epiphany of sorts.

Despite being totally proprietary, IE seems to be the most easily exploited browser due to its support of active x. (It’s no coincidence that IE users suffer from the most viruses, but that is neither here nor there). What if someone were to hack IE and make use of the popular open source rendering engine webkit?

So instead of the ugly display because IE still can’t do CSS rounded corners and other goodies, and instead of lame javascript errors, IE could finally work!

Surely I’m not the smartest guy on the planet. Someone had to have thought of this already. But would that person spend the time to make it happen?

Sure they would… if they worked for Google.

I was delighted to find Google Chrome Frame. It

I tried it out on a particular site I was working on. I have never seen IE render so beautifully!

Thanks Google for making IE suck less!