Finally, a New HDTV

SCEPTRE 46 1080p LCD HDTV X46BV-1080p

I’ve wanted an HDTV for a long time. We’ve had the same 25″ TV since we got married 9 years ago. I’ve been waiting for a big deal. Well, I think I’ve finally found one! Saturday I was in Wal-Mart and saw that they had a 46″ Visio 1080p for $795. That was the best deal I’ve seen on a 46″ 1080p. I was tempted to buy it, but I generally don’t make impulse buys. It tends to get me in trouble. So when I got home I checked the internet and the best deal I could find for a similar model was $900. Well, I just happened to check again and that same model was now $749 on Newegg! It’s a one day only Memorial day sale. It’s got great reviews from what I’ve seen on Newegg and Amazon. Better yet, I don’t have to pay sales tax or shipping! Thanks, yet again, Newegg!

If you’re reading this on 5/25/2009 you can score the same deal by clicking here.

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  1. Cool, Dustin! I’ve been thinking about upgrading my old 30″ tube to a big screen recently as well. There’s a Westinghouse 42″ at Costco (only at the South Jordan Costco) that I’ve been eyeing for about $600. If it’s still there when I decide I really want one, I’ll probably get it. But then I have to buy a stand for it, too. 🙂 Did you already have a tv stand?

    I think my next big purchase, though, will probably be a new car. Our 94/95 Corolla’s have about had it. We’re liking the Infiniti G37. Drives like a sports car and very comfortable.

  2. I bought myself the similar model TV two years ago and I paid him the same as smaller car, but I am very satisfied with television and I am not sorry for the money.

  3. I would go for Samsung, I personally have the Samsung 32inch which is really good if your a gamer, also a fantastic TV which is going quite cheap now. Either Sony Bravia or Samsung are best LCD HDTVs in my oppinion.

  4. Nice work. I have the 42 inch Vizio 1080P TV. I got it for around 800 as well. I really like the TV. The only problem I have had with it has been some overheating when I don’t have my air on and the temp is hot. It has an automatic shut down for this which can be annoying. I think putting a fan on it would stop the problem.

  5. We purchased this television over Memorial Day weekend and have been really impressed with its quality. To get a 1080p quality 42″ television for $800 bucks is unheard of. I don’t think those kind of deals will be around again until Christmas season.

  6. 42″ Vizio HDTV is good, but I think the 46″ hdtv is good for today.

    My family likes it very much.

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  8. yeap… that’s a great deal.. plus that model has the progressive scan for the dvd player which makes the picture really clear for dvds.

  9. Very pleased with unit, good price and delivery. Replaced my XBR. Sony rep went through the deltas between S,V,W,XBR units. Suggested the V, it has most of the XBR features and performance characteristics. HD channel Pix are fantastic. Easy to control and configure using on screen menu. Has multiple input ports. Audio is good, I complemented with surround sound system for Theater entertainment. Not an instant on, assume it’s green. No question, if you can find a reasonable price, this is the one to buy.

  10. Bet you’re glad you went home to check – there’s nothing worse than seeing something you’ve just bought cheaper. I usually refuse to look – ignorance is the best option. I hope the TV’s still going strong.

  11. Excellent TV, very good image, the lights in the corners worried me, but the truth is that no matter, the picture is very good, nice design, slim, the only thing is the sound, but this is improved with a very good home theater , Samsung has created the best image at the time, One-Call, is serious, thorough, when I ask them, always responded. I am very happy with this TV and still buy in one-call always

  12. You didn’t say if you bought it or not. But if you are going to buy Visio you might want to check for repair problem stories online. And Costco is a better place to buy Visio because of their Warranty Extension program. NewEgg has decent prices, but usually not the best. But the real issues arise when you need help after it breaks. NewEgg is only good for a short time… Costco takes care of it’s customers.

  13. Missed the deal by miles … but you’re right, the internet almost always has better stuff to offer than retailers do! Especially for consumer electronics. The only advantage I find to going to retailers is that you get to use their interest-free payment plans, which is how we usually get our new appliances. I’m now trying to break out of that obligation though – saving ahead a little, instead of being reactive, because you get much better deals online. Every region has different ‘best’ sites – but I do like Newegg for the accumulated daily deals especially.

  14. I still laugh at my boss who payed close to $8000 for a plasma TV when the first started appearing in shops around 2001/2002.

  15. Which HDTV is better? I want a 46 inch screen. I heard that the best are VIZIO, Samsung and Toshiba. Please help. I have never had a HDTV and presently have an old SONY (very old traditional type) which has been going strong for about 15 or so years. Should I stick with a SONY HDTV also? I also do not have 220 electric in the house, but still have fuses. Am I able to get an HDTV based on the electrical system. I don’t want to blow fuses continually. Thank you for your help.

  16. We enjoyed most everything this tv has to offer, to include the slim line body style, as well as viewing films in the 3d(which take some getting used to), beautiful slow & stills.
    As far as sound, we had it hooked up to our bose surround sound, so I cannot confirm the sound issues.
    What we did have a problem with was when we watched an action film or anything which objects move across the screen quickly (& we watch alot), the pixilation issues that happen around objects as they move across the screen quickly or fast. The tv just can’t seem to keep up. It’s very annoying and never happened with our old DLP.

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