I must admin this is my first attempt at even using JSON. I wanted to produce some data that I could consume with jQuery and I figured JSON was the best format for the job.

I found Django has a method for serializing Model query sets easily and it seemed to work just fine.

The problem I was having was that I needed information from two different models. I have Envelopes that Belong to EnvelopeCategories. I wanted to return each category with all the envelopes that belonged in that category.

I kept running into errors when I would try to serialize with Django’s serializer function. Basically, if I created a dictionary with what I needed, it was serialized. If I used a query set it wouldn’t add the parent fields, or any additional fields I wanted to add. But finally, after browsing around the net and piecing things together I cam up with a solution:

from django.utils import simplejson 
from django.http import HttpResponse 
from mysite.myapp.models import EnvelopeCategory, Envelope
def json_envelopes(request): 
    categories = EnvelopeCategory.objects.filter(user=request.user) 
    # Create dict with information to create JSON feed 
    catenvs = [] 
    for cat in categories: 
        cat.envelopes = Envelope.objects.filter(category=cat) 
        envs = [] 
        for env in cat.envelopes: 
            envs.append({'id': env.id, 'name': env.title, 'order': env.order}) 
        catenvs.append({'id': cat.id, 'name': cat.title, 'envelopes': envs, 'order': cat.order}) 
    # Use simplejson to serialize dict
    data = simplejson.dumps(catenvs, indent=4) 
    return HttpResponse(data, mimetype='application/javascript')

Now, on to figuring out how to consume it for me needs… 😀