I wrote a post about how to hack Google Analytics to show the full path on referrer URL. Honestly, its a pain in the butt at best. I went digging around the net and came across a new stat tool that shows the full URL. It’s called Clicky and I have to say, it is so much easier to use that Google Analytics.

A long time ago I used to use pphlogger, which was nice, but I had to install it on my own server and it seem to create a lot of overhead. What I like about it is that I could see what a particular visitor did while on the site.

Clicky gives you the same functionality, but it is in a much nicer format and easier to read.

Plus, they are adding new cool tools continually, like the spy, with allows you to see traffic occurring in real time! This may only be useful to you if you get a lot of traffic 😉

One more feature I have to mention is the ability to make a sites stats public. I set up clicky for a customer and sent her the link the my stats. She LOVES it and she doesn’t have to remember another login to see them. Kudos to me!

So, let’s see what people searched for yesterday to find my blog…

Clicky Searches

So, what are you waiting for, go get Clicky. They have free basic accounts and cheap plans if you have enormous traffic or want a few special features such as the spy and RSS feeds – you do get a free trial on these when you initially sign up.