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I\’ve been using django-helpdesk for my support software on my Django powered site. It works well enough, but I didn\’t really like it. I started looking around for \”better\” support tools. I actually found an article that tried to rank 76 support tools! Everything I tried I didn\’t really love. Then one day I as […]

I’ve read a few year-end review posts recently and I find them fascinating. I wish I had my own archives of year-end reviews to look back on. So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and get started this year. What Went Well Gym & Fitness I got my first gym membership in December 2013 […]

I thought I’d share the story of how I herniated a disc in my back to hopefully education some programmers out there on why it is important to get up, stretch, work out, drink water, and all that healthy jazz you hear people talk about. Getting in the zone is great, but as you get […]

So my life is not quite exciting as Brandon’s. I haven’t packed up my family and moved to another country. But my life is still eventful. I thought I would take some time to look back on 2010 to see what I have done. Celebrated 10 years of happy marriage. Had our fourth child. Baptized […]

I play Ultimate Frisbee about three times per week during my lunch break. If it weren’t for competitive sports, I don’t know how I would get my exercise. For some reason, after playing ultimate or basketball I crave dairy. In the past I would often stop at a grocery store on the way back to […]

I know i have changed my theme a number of times in the past, but this is probably the first time I felt a reason to. I was thinking my site looked too red. I wanted something more green (pink crossed my mind, but only briefly!). That’s what I love about WordPress and the WordPress […]

What is Dave Ramsey’s Economic Recovery plan? He laid it all out on Feb 27, 2009: Sorry, the mini mp3 player didn’t work…

After huge success last year, Dave will be returning to Salt Lake City this year for his Live event. The Live Event will be held Saturday, May 16th at the E-Center. General admission will be $41 per person, but you can use the promo code “Alpine” to save $15 per ticket! Tickets sold out fast […]

When my friend built his own computer, I was quite impressed. I’ve always been computer savvy, but building my own computer seemed over my head. What if I bought all the parts and ended up getting a processors that was not compatible with a motherboard for example. I was sure I could figure it out, […]

I’m posting this because it seems rather simple, but it took me a while to find – even with some tips from some helpful people in the #django IRC channel. Let’s say you have a ChoiceField set up like the documents describe:   class Foo(models.Model): GENDER_CHOICES = ( (‘M’, ‘Male’), (‘F’, ‘Female’), ) gender = […]