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It’s that time of year again. My contract is up on DIRECTV, so I’m preparing to make the switch to Dish Network for some new DVR’s and more channels for the money. I’m a bit hesitant though. Even though I’m a big fan of satellite television, I’m actually considering Comcast. Why? Well, it’s been over […]

Luckily this batter was wearing a cup! This is quite odd. A right handed batter gets beaned in the… well… by a right handed pitcher.

Today, Google Video recommended that I watch this video. See the screenshot for proof. Now, I recommend you watch it too! 😀 I actually didn’t get to watch the game this year because of the whole Mountain West – Comcrap Monopoly. So I’d like to thank the guy that put this video together for those […]

I read this article on SI.com this morning about David Beckham coming to America to play soccer. It seems to be all the buzz right now. Personally, I could care less. I wouldn’t care if soccer just went away. I find it extremely boring. That’s okay though. My favorite sport is baseball and I realize […]

I really like Jeff Francoeur. I suppose he’ll take over as my favorite player after Chipper retires, just as Chipper took over for the gap left by Murph when he won my respect his rookie year. Why Francoeur? I’m not totally sure. I know it has nothing to do with my wife thinking he’s the […]

You can now go rant and rave about your favorite team and have a chance to win some tickets to their next game at GoTeamsGo Sports Forum. Here are the details of the contest: $300 Ticket Contest Pick the Score and Win Tickets We’re having a pick-the-score & pick-the-winner contest. Chat with sports fans and […]

I thought it was odd that Brian McCann got thrown out in last nights game. It seems to me the ump was just on a major power trip there! After Davies issued a third-inning leadoff walk to Carlos Delgado, Brian McCann had a civil exchange with West, who promptly issued the soft-spoken catcher his first […]

Living a normal life: Shawn Murphy always considered his all-star father just his ‘Dad’ By Jay Hinton Deseret Morning News While growing up, Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium was Shawn Murphy’s playground. He spent many summer days playing catch on the field with his brothers and father, running in the tunnels, or just hanging out in […]

Last night’s amazing comeback by the Dodgers had me feeling a bit sorry for those Padres. It reminded me of a joke Nate Colbert once told me concerning how BAD the Padres were at the time: Last week a guy in San Diego had two Padres tickets on the dash of his car. He reported […]

So, who was the best pitcher of all time and why? Okay, this may not be a fair question, but I’d really like to see some opinions on this one. From what I know and what I’ve seen & heard, this would be my top ten list: Nolan Ryan – Simply the best. Threw 7 […]