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In this post I’ll show two real-world examples of where I have used Aurelia’s template tag.

Looking back, one of the first issues I ran into in Aurelia is “how do I get my components to talk to each other?” This could be parent/child components or sibling components. It turned out the answer was simply “Dependency Injection” (or DI as you might see it referred to). But what exactly is dependency […]

If you want to observe changes to an array in Aurelia, you can’t simply use the @observable decorator as it won’t recognize mutations to the the array. Instead, you need to use the collectionObserver in the BindingEngine. Example: There are some gotchas that you should be aware of though… In the example above, if you […]

I’ve been using Aurelia for over a year now. We have been working on a new live event dashboard and scheduler, which some big clients are beta testing now. Yet, I continue to learn new things. Yesterday I learned two little template hacks that I think I will find useful in the future and now, […]

I love the idea of Disney Circle, Torch, and Luma where you can get on your phone and pause the internet for certain devices at home. But Circle being the cheapest, I didn’t really want to shell out $99 for yet another device when I just paid $155 for a new Nighthawk R7000 router and […]

In our home we have an old iMac for the kids to use. They each have their own login. Each login has a parental control that logs them out after one hour. This has been helpful to prevent fights over who has been on too long and limits their screen time. The problem I’ve had […]

As I have been working on a new project in Aurelia the past few weeks, I’ve encountered a number of problems. Solutions come that seem obvious after the fact, but a slow process to get to them. In this simple tutorial, I show show a simple proof-of-concept I came up with for an accordion resource […]

TL;DR – After analyzing the current state of Angular 1, Angular 2, React/Redux, Aurelia, Ember & Meteor, I’m using Aurelia for my next project. Since attending ng-conf 2015, and the announcement of Angular 2, I felt 2015 would be the year the internet stood still to wait for Angular 2. It turns out that wasn’t the […]

I just saw WordPress admin is now running on node/react/flux. That is pretty huge. I’ve downloaded their mac desktop app and I’m writing my first post using it. While I don’t do much PHP development these days, a lot of my day has moved from Python to JavaScript. I’ve always felt that is the way […]

Thanks to Matt Berther for this nice little command to create an iso image from a directory in OS X. hdiutil makehybrid -o ~/image.iso ~/path/to/folder -iso -joliet Let’s be honest, I’m not going to remember this command in 6 months when I need to run it again. So I created a service. I’ll show you […]