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WinRAR has always been my favorit archiving (zip/rar) tool. This Sunday, July 30th, 2006, you can get a free licensed copy: ====================================================================== 1. WinRAR Voted Overall Best Utility for SIAF People’s Choice Award The people have spoken and voted WinRAR as Best Overall Utility. Each year the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation (SIAF) asks computer users […]

Recently I’ve been on this honesty kick… I’m going through all my software applications I use and either 1. registering them, 2. finding free or cheaper alternatives, or 3. removing them and doing without. The hardest has been doing without photoshop. I can’t afford to buy such an expensive program. So I’ve recently installed GIMP […]

So you may have seen from my previous post that I ordered cell phones for my wife and myself over a year ago. We had a T-mobile family plan. Service & everything else was good, but we didn’t seem to NEED them. So we decided we would cancel our plan and live without for a […]

Right now, ING Direct is have a “rate sale.” That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the term, but in essence, what they are doing is offering a higher interest rate from now until April 15th on any money you deposit until that time. They normal rate is currently 3.8% which is well above […]

“This is probably the biggest release ever for Office.” Office 12 has a completely new interface. I know what you’re thinking… “No! Leave it alone!” Well, you may actually like these new changes. We were all happy to see the death of Clippy – that annoying paper clip telling you what to do. Now we […]

I do freelance work. Recently I was asked to install some php scripts for someone who had orderd GoDaddy Hosting. Ahhhh the frustrations were endless! Let’s forget the fact that they have their own crappy control panel and that it takes forever to log in and get to the control panel. Let’s forget the fact […]

Today while doing some programming on ZuSHOP, I found a product that upon first glance I thought was creating all these blog spam problems. Well, maybe it is, maybe it’s not. I can’t quite tell. For $147.00 you can get a product called Blog Submitter Pro 7.0 that will apparently go around posting comments to […]

I have two favorite text editors. I wish I could combine their features together though. I have used TextPad (TP) for about the last 5 years, but for a few months I’ve been using UltraEdit (UE) more for a couple of handy features. First is the FTP capabilities built in to UE. I can create […]

I don’t know why, but I’m sort of sad about this one. You see, for 4 years I’ve had Dish Network service. In those four years I’ve been nothing but pleased with their products, service and pricing. I’ve even seen many people sign up with them based on my referrals. Well, in the past months […]

Gmail Tools Wow, this is an interesting concept. I allows you to map a windows drive to Gmail. I suppose if I didn’t have my own reseller account with plenty of storage, this would be a nice online storage feature.