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I’m very mediocre at online marketing. I know all the theory and things I should be doing to make money online, but I haven’t hit the big time by any means. I think a big part of the problem is that I’m not very motivated by making money. For for some weird reason, I’m very […]

I was looking at some web statistics this morning and I noticed that I had quite a few hits on my DVD site coming from a forum at LDS Mingle. I was intrigued (mostly because I’m LDS) so I signed up temporarily to see what the talk was about. A member there suggested visiting DVD […]

Have you ever wanted an easy way to keep track of all your DVDs? Sure you can use a text editor or spreadsheet, but there are better ways. I remember quite a few years back visiting a family and they asked what movie we wanted to watch and gave us a list of all the […]

I was at the Library the other day to pick up a book I had on hold. I always like to walk by the DVD section to see if there is anything good available. Hey, its a free DVD rental! Well I saw Raising Helen and figured my wife would like to watch it. She […]

My mother-in-law called me last night to see if it was possible to extract clips off of DVDs and then make a compilation of these clips on a new DVD. I had to assume it was, but honestly I’ve never tried. So I spent my morning trying. I found it was possible and even free […]

I’ve really enjoyed the harry potter series. After watching the first movie I read the book. I then read each of the following books before the new movie came out. I was disappointed with how much they left out of the last one. I understand why they have to cut so much out, but it […]

Recently I’ve been on this honesty kick… I’m going through all my software applications I use and either 1. registering them, 2. finding free or cheaper alternatives, or 3. removing them and doing without. The hardest has been doing without photoshop. I can’t afford to buy such an expensive program. So I’ve recently installed GIMP […]

Napoleon Dynamite Originally uploaded by niner74. I love those portraits that were hangin on the wall! Now, it seems back in the 80’s when they used to do that kind of stuff, wasn’t the background photo normally looking into space, and the main photo looking at the camera?

A few hours of my life Ill never get back… I rented this movie based on the praise reviewers here have given it, and recommendations from family. When it was all said and done, all I could think was That was stupid. I cant believe people cried. I had no idea what the movie was […]

I was watching a segment of Napoleon Dynamite this morning and something crossed my mind later this afternoon. Do you remember the scene where Napoleon and Pedro are handing out those little keychains to everyone walking into school saying, “vote for Pedro?” Well, my initial thought was that these were all the ones Deb had […]