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My mom called me last night. She owns a hot tub dealership in the Salt Lake City area. She said she had a woman come in and purchase a top of the line hot tub the other day. The woman said, \”I\’m glad I found you. You were not on Google when I searched. Someone […]

My friend introduced me to this killer tool – terapeak. Basically, it’s like a backdoor to all of eBay’s stats. So it may not be cool to everyone. But if you run any kind of business selling things on eBay you’ll want it. If you create websites that utilize the eBay Partner Network, you’ll want […]

I love cool tools! I wanted to start a new blog. So I registered domain, set up an account on my cPanel VPS, used Fantastico to create a WordPress blog, found a theme and modified some settings. Viola! – a new blog in less than an hour. Now I just have to wait for 1&1 […]

I’m very mediocre at online marketing. I know all the theory and things I should be doing to make money online, but I haven’t hit the big time by any means. I think a big part of the problem is that I’m not very motivated by making money. For for some weird reason, I’m very […]

If you are into affiliate marketing at all, or have been in the past year, you probably remember the whole “The Death Of Adsense” report that came out last year. In was in the middle of these reports that I first heard about John Jonas. He did a marketing call with Scott Boulch, the author […]