parking ticketI’ve been highly entertained by Connor’s parking woes. It brings back semi-sweet memories of my time at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC).

Throughout my long career at SLCC I tried to get away with buying a parking pass as much as possible. My first two years I succeeded without getting a ticket. I think this was mainly because my classes where at the South City campus and they were always late at night. Once I started taking all my classes at the Redwood Campus those parking patrol guys got good.

The first time I got a ticket I went the same day and bought a parking pass. I didn’t pay my ticket though. I figured they’d just forget about it. Little did I know that they knew my license plate number. They put a hold on my account and I couldn’t get my grades that year until I paid my ticket.

Well, one year I seemed to be particularly busy with things and I couldn’t seem to make the time to go buy the yearly pass. My mom had just given me her old car. The beauty of this was that the school – or anyone really – didn’t have the license plate under my name.

It only took a few days of parking before I got my first ticket. The next day I had a class on the other side of campus. I still hadn’t had time to go buy a [stupid] parking permit. So as I left my car, I put the ticket back under my windshield wiper hoping that some silly little parking officer boy would see it and say “oh, this car already has a ticket.”

Well, they saw it, but that silly little officer boy was the same one that patrolled the other side of campus just the day before. He left me another ticket and added a comment at the bottom that said, “NICE TRY!”

Well, that just made me laugh. Jokes on you sucka! (That’s Ebonics for “I’m not going to pay my ticket because I can get away with it.”) I accumulated a few more tickets that month. Then I finally registered the car and got some new license plates and a parking permit to go with my new plates.

I never did pay all those tickets. I suppose with a little investigative work they could have tracked me down eventually, but for the amount of money they could have squeezed out of me I doubt it would even be worth it. I’m just a parking fugitive now.

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