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The Fitness Resolution I Didn't Plan On #TmFit

How I got pulled into a fitness goal without really thinking about it.

High School Football Photo After my final football game my senior year (1995) with my dad the offensive coordinator.

During my holiday vacation while going through my social feed I happened across a post by Alex Lawrence entitled Don't Wait Until January. I read it because it looked interesting, not because I had any desire to start exercising or lose weight. Something in the article moved me though. It moved me into activity. Alex's story resonated with me. I too used to play a lot of sports. I too had back problems. Thankfully, despite doctors saying it would most likely require surgery, I didn't need surgery.

You wouldn't know it now if you met me, but I was voted by my senior class as most athletic. I started varsity 7 seasons in 3 sports. Like Alex said, it's not cool for me to be out of shape.

I love food. My parents had a hard time keeping our pantry stocked. We never had left overs after a meal because I would just eat what was left as I cleared up the table. I never had to worry about weight. I was a bean pole. In high school I was 6'3" and 170 lbs. I tried to gain weight but it seemed I never could. I was generally exercising at least 2 hours per day through sports.

Last day of my mission 1998 Last day of my mission at the Johannesburg temple - a stop on the way home.

My senior year I broke my arm pitching in the state tournament. I was bed ridden for a while and once my arm healed I left to serve a two year mission where I didn't exercise except for once a  week when we would often play sports, and I was in a car the whole time after my first 5 months. I came home weighing 220 lbs. Most people told me I look normal so it felt like a comfortable weight. I maintained that weight eating all I wanted and playing a lot of basketball, volleyball, and softball. That was the what I weighed when I got married.

On my mission I met a couple that agreed to never gain more than 20% of their marriage weight. I thought that was a cool idea so I told myself and my wife I would never weight more than 242. I've stuck with that commitment. Once I get up in the 240's (which I have a number of times), then I cut back, eat less, exercise a little and get down to the 230 range. I don't think I have been down to 220 since being married though.

The most recent photo I could find - with the family The most recent photo I could find - with the family

After reading Alex's article I decided to jump in and make a public commitment. I left a comment on his blog and even suggested we change the twitter hash tag to #TmFit rather that #FitLife because there was less noise so it was easier to follow. Alex concurred. My goal is to weigh 220 by March 1st, 2013. In the distant past I used to make goals public. Then I read that keeping goals private can actually be more beneficial. So I was hesitant to make a public commitment, but I decided to do it anyway.

So far it's been great. I started using the gym membership that I was planning on canceling. Alex was serious about encouraging each other. I have pushed my workouts a bit farther than planned because of twitter feedback and encouragement. I will admit, I HATE exercising for the sake of exercising. My life motto was "I don't believe in exercise unless it is in the form of a sport." Well, with four kids, a full-time job, and the life of an entrepreneur, I don't really have time to play all the sports I would like to. So, I have got to learn to like exercising - or at least learn to endure it.

During the holidays it was easier for me to take time to exercise. Now the real challenge starts as I try to find a workable routine to get my daily exercise in. Come join us on #TmFit and let's help each other reach our goals!

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