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Archive: March 2011

A while back I bought a template from themeforest.net. After modifying it and implementing it on my site, my search engine rankings started to drop. I didn’t think much of it as first, but then I noticed that even searching from my domain name didn’t show my main page, instead, it would link to somewhere […]

So my QA guy is putting an app through the ringer and presented me with the following error on a page: Caught UnicodeEncodeError while rendering: (‘ascii’, u’Utf8-\u010a\u010e\ufffd”\u0117′, 5, 8, ‘ordinal not in range(128)’) For some reason I thought UTF8 characters Just Worked™ in Django, but that was a bad assumption. The problem came from my […]

I use the jQuery dialog a lot on the inzolo budget screen. It often contains small forms. After entering the form data it is natural to hit enter and expect it to submit the form. The OK button is set to post the form data via ajax. Thanks to this stackoverflow post I found a […]

I’ve been using Git now for over two years. Previously, all my source control was handled with subversion (SVN). To be honest, I can’t even remember how to use SVN. To be more honest, I cheated and used TortoiseSVN most of the time anyway. Every so often I want to update an old website, but […]