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Archive: June 2009

This morning was the first time I heard an official release date for Windows 7. I’ve been running Windows 7 betas for the past 3 months and it has been far more stable and responsive than Vista was for me. I will definitely be upgrading this one on release day! I have just put in […]

So this is something I have known about and have done in the past, and I kept meaning to do it, but today I finally did it. I lowered my cable/internet bill. Truthfully I was considering cancelling cable anyway. I’m paying about $117 per month for high speed internet and basic digital cable. I should […]

I’m sure this is in the documentation *somewhere* but it wasn’t totally obvious to me and I knew there had to be an easy way to filter a model based on a date range. I’m in the process of filtering transactions for Inzolo and giving the user options for the following date filters: Month to […]

Ever since installing Windows 7 RC, I have not been able to run Pidgin. It would put an icon in the tray, then disappear. Finally after searching the net high and low and found this comment on an open pidgin ticket that seemed to resolve the problem. I have XAMPP installed and the PHP subdirectory […]

Since switching from HTML to XHTML, one of the things that kills my HTML Validator most is when I get lazy and put a target="_new" or target="_blank" in an anchor tag. So then I have to go back and fix them and find the old sitepoint article that describes how to fix the problem with […]