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Archive: March 2009

Up to the point, when it has come to Django user authentication and registrations, I’ve used django-registration as a plug and play solution. Authentication was frankly something I didn’t want to dive into, until now. It turns out it is not scary at all. For my latest project, I had some space to fill in […]

So something what should be so relatively easy can turn out to be quite hard when you don’t know where to go for the answer. Generally the #django channel on IRC is an awesome help, but this morning I felt invisible so I can too keep digging. Finally I found my answer in code from […]

What is Dave Ramsey’s Economic Recovery plan? He laid it all out on Feb 27, 2009: Sorry, the mini mp3 player didn’t work…

After huge success last year, Dave will be returning to Salt Lake City this year for his Live event. The Live Event will be held Saturday, May 16th at the E-Center. General admission will be $41 per person, but you can use the promo code “Alpine” to save $15 per ticket! Tickets sold out fast […]