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Archive: December 2008

When my friend built his own computer, I was quite impressed. I’ve always been computer savvy, but building my own computer seemed over my head. What if I bought all the parts and ended up getting a processors that was not compatible with a motherboard for example. I was sure I could figure it out, […]

My friend introduced me to this killer tool – terapeak. Basically, it’s like a backdoor to all of eBay’s stats. So it may not be cool to everyone. But if you run any kind of business selling things on eBay you’ll want it. If you create websites that utilize the eBay Partner Network, you’ll want […]

I found this niftly little class on phpclasses.org. Basically, it logs in to an email server and downloads all email attachments and saves them as files. That’s basically it, no more, no less. This was exactly what I needed though. I wanted to run some daily reports in Google AdWords and Google AdSense, to a […]