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Archive: October 2008

UPDATE: Since writing this review, I have set up two accounts with Webfaction. Check out my latest review. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for Webfaction for new Django developers who want an easy to use hosting solution. As you can see from previous posts that I have a VPS that I’ve set up Django […]

I’m posting this because it seems rather simple, but it took me a while to find – even with some tips from some helpful people in the #django IRC channel. Let’s say you have a ChoiceField set up like the documents describe:   class Foo(models.Model): GENDER_CHOICES = ( (‘M’, ‘Male’), (‘F’, ‘Female’), ) gender = […]

I’m enjoying the Django framework. Sometimes, what was seems rather easy (relatively speaking) gets sort of complicated when working within the boundaries of a framework. Such was the case with my latest endeavor to filter on drop-down based on the selection of another drop-down. Here is the situation: I have a database with car makes […]