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Archive: September 2008

I ordered a new VPS from LiquidWeb for the purpose of using it to host our company’s new product that I’m currently writing in Django. I have another VPS with LiquidWeb and I highly recommend them! I got Django up and running on my other server with some help of LiquidWeb support. This time I’m […]

So it was labor day. For some reason – likely do to excessive advertising, I think of RC Willey on Labor day. My wife has been wanting a bedroom set. We were planning on ordering from Canopy, but I thought it would be fun to go look at RC Willey and see if they had […]

This is a test post from Windows Live Writer. Someone said it was the "bomb diggity" so I had to check it out! Not bad indeed! It certainly looks cool:   And it’s like editing directly in my blog as it uses my existing CSS! Wow!

*Disclaimer: I’m a Django and Python newbie. Your mileage may vary following my advice. My Goal is to create an accounts system similar to Unfuddle, where to register for a new account, a user will enter a subdomain and admin login (see Unfuddle registration). Users can’t really log in from the home page – only […]

*** UPDATE: DON’T READ THIS POST… JUST READ COMMENT #2 FROM CPANEL *** I’ve posted instructions in the past on how to set up wildcard DNS and subdomains on DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin makes it rather trivial, which is quite nice. There is a little bit more effort involved in cPanel – manly because you actually have […]

I’ve been using Gmail as my main email client for about the past 4 years or so. I currently have Thunderbird set up with SMTP to use for certain situations – mainly when I want to copy and past images in – like showing screenshots to people. (I still prefer the speed of the web […]