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Archive: August 2008

I stumbled across this story on KSL and heard what I though was just a funny quote. Sure, I guess he has a point, but taken out of the context of this story, it just sounds hilarious… Click the play button below to hear the quote, then see this story if you’re interested. Sorry, the […]

You’ve all heard the horror stories. You go to boot up you computer, nothing happens… perhaps you hear a click… click… click… This actually happened to me a couple years ago. Luckily my hard drive started working again just long enough for me to get a back-up before replacing it. I recently heard of an […]

(This post is mostly for my own reference) James Bennett mentions a Django style guide in his book Practical Django Projects. I couldn’t find reference to it, but the following is the order of things when it comes to models: Any constants and/or lists of choices The full list of fields The Meta class if […]

Wow, this really had me laughing out loud! Maybe because I just got a hair cut from another weirdo on Saturday. I really wish I could find a normal person that I could go to and get a haircut on a regular basis. Imagine captain Jack Sparrow as an old lady with pig tails cutting […]

I love cool tools! I wanted to start a new blog. So I registered domain, set up an account on my cPanel VPS, used Fantastico to create a WordPress blog, found a theme and modified some settings. Viola! – a new blog in less than an hour. Now I just have to wait for 1&1 […]