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Archive: July 2008

Star Trek Meets Monty Python Wow, someone definitely had a LOT of time on their hands! Thanks for the effort though. It was certainly enjoyable 😉 Technorati Tags: monty python, star trek, mashup

After doing maintenance on a few PHP projects, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to use frameworks for medium to big projects. After looking at a few frameworks in a few different languages, I’ve run across a pretty cool website at sucks-rocks.com. I plugged in a number of popular web languages and […]

OK, Vader, you’re a real jokester… cut it out now!

I just need to give some props to Liquidweb. I have a cPanel VPS account there. I have been impressed with their “Heroic Support”. Recently though, they went above and beyond. I’ve been having PHP mid career crisis of sorts and been looking at other languages and frameworks. Django and Python have caught my eye. […]