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Archive: June 2008

This post (like many I write) is mainly for myself. When using CSS padding or margin, I generally will write margin-top, margin-bottom, margin-left, etc. I know there is easier syntax where I can specify all for with one line such as margin: 0 10px 88px 10px; The problem is, I can never remember which one […]

** UPDATE ** I switched to linux & later to mac so I really don’t spend any time in Windows anymore, but it seems I get a lot of traffic and the most useful information is in this comment below… — I find it quite annoying that whenever I read instructions that include adding an […]

After writing my fuel trip calculator, I learned there was a bug in IE. I got it to work but I get getting ‘meters’ is null or not an object or even worse, ‘null’ is null or not an object. I tried everything I could think of in the javascript code to get rid of […]

So I was talking with a friend and we were figuring out the amount of money we spend on a commute to see if it is worth buying a new car for the gas savings. I was using Google Maps to determine the distance between locations. So I got the idea to create this little […]