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Archive: August 2007

The top 12 reasons satellite television (i.e. DIRECTV & Dish Network) kick cable’s (i.e. Comcast) Butt: More channels – Satellite providers are available across the country and out of the country even. More customers means more customer demands and hence more channels and packages available. Let’s say a particular channel is popular and available back […]

It’s that time of year again. My contract is up on DIRECTV, so I’m preparing to make the switch to Dish Network for some new DVR’s and more channels for the money. I’m a bit hesitant though. Even though I’m a big fan of satellite television, I’m actually considering Comcast. Why? Well, it’s been over […]

I recently built my own computer and I know from experience it can be a pain in the butt finding and fixing issues. (In my case it was the bios not giving my RAM enough voltage.) I am the family tech support guy. It makes sense that every family has one of these, otherwise, you […]